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The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Curriculum Aims

Our CLL Curriculum: 
Give us a voice to express our needs, wants, feelings and opinions

To understand the world around us

To help us to build relationships and enjoy interacting socially

To be confident and independent in a range of situations

To make choices

To understand and enjoy books and stories

To use our bodies to make marks or create symbolic writing e.g using a communication device

To use symbols to develop reading and communication

To develop an expanding core vocabulary

To use effective communication strategies for everyday learning

To use our bodies to retell story (Pie Corbett actions)

EAL- Incorporating a variety of languages to support the needs of the pupils (bilingual/behavioural etc)


Our Maths Curriculum helps us to learn:     (SSM etc)
·         functional skills to be independent

·         to use our areas of interest to make maths meaningful to us

·         to understand object permanence

·         to solve everyday problems including keeping ourselves safe

·         to understand, remember and organise our everyday routines and sequences

·         to play games with our friends with our friends and family

·         to understand and access the world around us and our environment


Our Arts Curriculum: 
To be given the opportunities to access new experiences to develop new interests

To be given the opportunities to use our imagination

To be able to explore the world and develop my own opinions likes and dislikes

To be given the chance to learn about the same things as other children of my age

To develop an understanding of myself including what makes me feel calm and engaged

To be given the opportunity to explore using my senses at my own pace and in my own way

To learn about different cultures and accessing arts opportunities in the wider world

To develop independence and functional life skills by using real tools and utensils

To be given the opportunity to explore familiar and new instruments from around the world.

To be able to play instruments to the best of my ability.

To be given the opportunity to move my body to a range of musical genres.

To express my feelings and develop understanding of the world through music and movement

To explore and identify different body parts and the effects my movements can make

To explore various media to experience different music themes

To begin to know my body can produce sounds using different actions

To be given opportunities to listen to a range of music


To experience a variety of different art media and materials  , tools and using body parts to create art and music

To understand and learn core songs as signifiers to use throughout Delius life

To experience and take part in performances.



Our Understanding the World Curriculum: 
To access the wider world as independently as possible

To develop respect for different cultures, artefacts and ways of life

To access the local area and understand the buildings and their significance.

To understand the local diverse population and their cultural/religious celebrations

To understand the impact we have locally and globally

To experience ways in which we can care for the local environment

To understand the types of foods and how they impact health

To know where some of our food originally comes from

To be able to share my beliefs and religion with my friends using British Values

To be able explore my local area and gain an understanding of what is around me

To gain an understanding of how to look after the environment EG. Recycling and litter collecting

To be able to plant and grow our own food

To be able to explore the worlds natural resources

To find out about our school, local area and wider community; what it looks like and who lives in it.

Who is important to me in my family,school and wider community

How I have changed and my family group; my personal and family timeline.

How do I cope with changes

How things grow and change;life cycles-plants and animals (including humans).

Learn through investigation,trial and error-the awe and wonder of the world (relevant towards statutory guidelines i.e topics: space? Electricity materials and their properties, animals and habitats etc) .

To be given the opportunities to see new places in our community

To learn about our family and friends, their culture and history

To celebrate well known past events i.e. Christmas, Chinese new year, Eid

To investigate and learn about a range of scientific processes i.e. light and dark, growing flowers, weather

To explore our school in fun ways i.e. going on a hunt

To learn about where we live in the community

To recognise and identify people who help us within our communities and to take an active role within our communities e.g. local shops, police officers, library etc

To engage and experience international cultures and ways of life that are similar and different to ours through relevant world events e.g Olympics


To experiment with different materials and substances

To visit different places of worship

To have a greater understanding of recycling and to take part in activities that respects the environment eg recycling paper, reusing and recycling materials.

To have an awareness of ourselves (our body) and others, our school, school campus, home, local community, wider community, regionally, nationally, internationally, space.

To explore the world from the child’s point of view. To play in the environment

50 things

Forest schools

‘From seed to table’ growing produce and eating it.

Environmental senses walk – pmld  to feel the sun, rain, soil.  To smell the flowers, feel the sea, hear the birds.

Diversity – understanding that we are all the same

To be part of a wider community and gain experiences e.g. everyday experiences going on the bus.

To develop or experience life skills e.g. knowing you use money to buy objects.

To have knowledge of danger – stranger danger, awareness of surroundings, road safety.

To visit a range of places of worship (Church, Mosque, Gudwara, Hindu Temple)


Animal awareness and respect/care

RE – religious cultures and how we worship and live according to our beliefs.

To experience stories from religious text in a multi sensory way.


Learn about own past

To have an understanding of immediate environment extending to the wider community if appropriate

To experience changes of the properties of media and materials


To learn about the changes of the seasons – impact including weather, temperature, plants, trees




Physical Development
To experience a variety of different gross motor and fine motor physical movements

To engage in appropriate physical activities using a range of equipment

To be able to use my body as independently as possible, with purpose.

To be able to travel in different directions and in different ways.

To be able to access my learning activity using my personal physical equipment.

Development hand eye co-ordination

Learning to take part and co-operate

Developing motor skills-fine and gross motor skills

Developing spatial awareness, balance and agility, changing pace and speed

Personal hygiene

Toilet training

To be given opportunities for independence i.e. put on own clothes, hygiene

To be able to walk more confidently with support

To have opportunities to access a variety of mobility equipment i.e. walkers, standers

To be given opportunities to be out of chairs i.e. tummy time

To have access to fine and gross motor activities

To be able to access a range of physical activities indoors and outdoors which are appropriately adapted

To be able to access a range of areas in school i.e. rebound, swimming, soft play

To be encouraged to challenge ourselves i.e. taking the stairs

To have the time to work on the skills I need

To have the opportunity to be as independent as possible with my hygiene needs

To have access to appropriate resources to develop my physical skills

To have access to daily and regular physical movements/physio e.g. swimming

To develop gross and fine motor skills

To have opportunities to access different sport

To play games competitively and team building games

To develop independent life skills e.g. dressing, undressing, using cutlery

To develop gross motor skills To develop a sense of space around us and how  to move in it safely

To know how our body works directions of limbs coordination etc

To use different environments and equipment to develop our skills eg large equipment park play re bound etc

To learn to orientate self eg being upside down, turning, climbing, crawling,

Learning to climb fall safely



PSE (including wellbeing, pupil choices, independence)
To say/identify people I know.

To say/describe how people make me feel.

To know how I can make others happy/sad.

To know and use ways to make myself happier, calmer.

To show how I communicate with different people.

To send and receive electronic messages safely

To say and follow our class rules.

To know what might happen if we don’t follow a rule/law.

To name/identify parts of my body.

To identify which parts of my body are private and public.

To describe how our bodies have/are and will change as we grow.

To know and follow hygiene routines

To say how old I am

To name/identify people/places/things that keep me safe and healthy.

To identify possible dangers in different situations/ places/ activities/weather

To make a range of choices.

To give examples of choices I make. (inc what I look at on the computer- e-safety)

To explain why I make some choices.

To describe facts about myself.

To say who I’m like and different to.

To say how we are the same and different.

How can I contribute to family and school life.